Fundamental for becoming a REAL software tester

I could start by keeping my title as “Good software tester” but I believe good has no meaning when it comes to reality. I define REAL as “Things that really exist”.
I believe in existence. I believe in testing existing everywhere.

I see lots of people getting into testing and takes time to for them to understand and take their own steps forward, of course with great guidance you can become a REAL one to. I have been into testing for more than 1 1/2 years in REAL but I would say that every people in this world are testers indirectly and very few people choose the right path.

I believe, hope and experimented things that’s written below. I also believe in questioning ourself from the beginning of our career.

1. Worry for things that we really need to worry about!

We humans, easily get disappointed and we keep remembering that very often and as a impact of this, we easily quit certain things even if we are being provided with an opportunity. It’s like “ruminant digestive method”! We keep worrying about things and don’t see real value worrying about it. Chuck it and continue!

2. Celebrate disappointment

Hey, you got objurgations from your manager?? Alright, go have a beer by keeping a break point. Problems are real challenges in our life. Try to get into more complicate problem (Oops, you really don’t have to get in) and find the previous problem to be very simple! Try it 😉

2. Brain needs to be taught not the mouth

Ya, I have come across this problem. I have been a great example of this. I speak, I speak a lot, I speak a lot, useless! I once realized, dude you are just like some useless post on Facebook. People see it and really worry about it. So, I started reading, practice instead of talking and on trying to impress others.

3. Be in every nook and corner

If you really want to understand, learn and be creative while you test? You have be like CCTV camera. Read / write blogs, Follow some great tester on Twitter and follow up the conversation, also join them. Attend all conferences, in fact all developer conferences if you can, it helps testers to be more productive and informative while you test and report!

4. Crack the heuristic

Life is full of puzzles and not only life, even testing is. While we are solving our customer problems by helping them understand their risks, there are areas that you are already using heuristic are not actually aware of! We might have to go slow or observe the flow in which you are solving the problem and you finally end up cracking whole lot of things. I recently found one,” The problem in testing is not really testing, it’s the process that needs refinement”. (Maybe people have already written about it, but it’s important for us to experience and crack it!)

Hey, I remembered this, Check out my friends: Heuristic post by Dheeraj karanam.

5. Find what you are good at

Every individual have their own goods. We don’t actually figure it out easily, it takes time.  It needs some observation and comes out with comparison. Be courageous to tell everybody about your ideas, way you want to test, your style of reporting but have one! Share everything you have.

6. Track and fight your progress

Its quite hard as a fresher or from the beginning of the career. Taking progress isn’t easy! But personally, tracking my progress in several ways. Self assessment, reports, sense of questioning, knowledge, comparison etc. However, don’t jump into conclusion based on the progress. We might have to push things slowly to make it work. Talk to anyone and everyone!

7. Connect the dots

As a tester, I think it’s important to think panoptic, we have got lots of things to put in comparison, make different people take decisions. Hundreds and thousands of people gonna use the product that we are are testing or going to test. Try to connect things that are happening in reality.

8. You are responsible for yourself

You got screwed?? so what, you did it! Tell the truth, it makes you stronger and harder for other to face you. Take responsibility but keep it simple. Responsibility doesn’t mean that you have to run a team telling others to work the same way you want to. You heard it right “You are responsible only for yourself. Mistakes are meant to be made and not to repeat them!

9. Find the patterns

Patterns are everywhere. As testers, if we crack the patterns with the product that we are testing. I believe that’s the REAL value that we can add to our customers. Patterns are not only with the product that you are testing, it’s on everything you look and do!

10. Take a break

It’s important for your brain to take rest. You will understand everything that I have written above when you sit in a part thinking about “what the hell is happening to me”.

There are whole bunch of things that we as a tester and human being have to concentrate about. But it’s very difficult for us to understand and observe everything. We are all running around all the situations. However, if we don’t understand certain things. It will become hard for us to differentiate on exactly the situation with what we want to learn. I believe this is the beginning of certain things as a part of our learning and it’s very few!

Guess what, I was watching iron man while writing this post.! 🙂

Simplest things are the ones which is really hard to figure it out and fix!