Let’s think Non-Tester!

The below mentioned is not aligned in a specific manner. But just enjoy them.

strategy – Systematic plan of action
Plan – Steps to accomplish the goal
design – Arrangement and flow art
Credibility – Being believable and trustworthy
Bug – Term of any insect that crawls or creep
Defect – imperfect or unfinished object or machine
Triage – Arranging things according to importance or urgency
Exploration – Discovery or intention to serve
Context – The set of circumstances in and around the situation
Testing – Act of determining something to see how it works
Case – Occurrence of something
Boundary – Possible measurable limit of something
Analysis – Investigation of one part or whole of their activities to relate
Charter – Document specifying the rights, certificates and information of the services or product
Coverage – To an extent with which something is covered
Accountability – Responsibility for some activity or taking
Approach – Move towards
Session – Time assigned to a specific activity
Management – Act of taking charge of something (Positive way)
Quality – The important differentiating factor of something
Risk – Chance of getting damaged
Software – Computer language connecting humans with computer
Impact – Influencing factor or effect over something
priority – Understanding the importance or urgency
severity – Degree of pain
Transition – Act of changing from one phase to other
Sanity – Power of basics
System – Instrument that combines various inputs from sources
Computer – Artificial intelligence based on human thought
Hardware – An physical object considered a tool
Anticipate – prediction or likely happenings
practice – Learn by repeating
Techniques – Art applied to a particular task
Skills – Power to learn by taking help from various forms
Observation – Recording something into the mind, creating impression
Principles – Truth or law standards accepted widely
Artifact – Something you and I made
Equivalent – Being fundamentally equal to something
Case study – Study of attempts to determine the success and failure
Complexity – Too many components talking each other
Scope – The area in which the situation exists
Objective – The goal to be achieved
Assumption – The statement of not really truth
Pass – Went through
fail – Short of expectation
success – When the intended purpose is achieved
failure – Lack of success
Examine – Investigate to conclude its true
Oracle – Something that divines the future
Technology – The current world
Purpose – what is it used for
You – Addressing someone
others – people who are not specific
me – Look at the mirror
Design – Sketch representing something thats trying to solve the purpose
Scenario – Story of events
Idea – A personal view
Business – Act of providing goods and services

We always squeeze our head on different terminologies from experts but I wanted to share my thought on how things are really simple to understand and can be taken forward to share the complicated stuffs. That is it!



Pho”test” o’graphy!


I added a new category “Photography”, this has been my interest and I feel peaceful when I do so. When I learned about photography – I could relate photography with testing.

Here is how,

When I started with both photography and testing, I had no idea what exactly both of them was supposed to work and how. But I had a mindset to learn it and become dear.  I faced lots of hindrances and was lacking resources. I found every single and simple opportunity will overcome all the obstacles starting from teacher, tools, environment and courage to do things at right situation. It’s clearly my responsibility to fix it and I have been trying to treasure hunt on every activity that I do, I have been trying to hack hidden treasures!

I has nothing to do only with photography, it’s again a life hack to connect dots, I did it with my interest with interest! 🙂

Message is,

We are all being provided opportunity knowingly or unknowingly, we need to find it and use them wisely. After the above lecture. Don’t forget to see my photos captured using my phone (Moto G to be specific) with some editing. I learned, RULE OF 3RD & RULES OF COMPOSITION.

All the photos may not append to the rules directly, I have tried my best to learn.

Device used: Moto G

Captured using Moto G

Captured using Moto G


This was taken at 12 PM with f/2.4, Exposure : 1/926, Dimension: 2592 x 1456



F/S remains the same as the above picture, Exposure: 1/10

Violence against women and girls!

F/S remains the same, Exposure 1/264

Yummy, Donuts

F/S remains the same, Exposure 1/17

Hell freezes over eagles, Hotel California

F/S remains the same, Exposure 1/17

Donut, Choco filled!

F/S remains the same, Exposure 1/180


F/S remains the same, Exposure – 1/10

Ugadi special, Leaves!

F/S remains the same, Exposure – 1/20





































Happy learning! 🙂