I learned!

Are you ready to face something unexpected? confident enough to give answers for those unexpected stuffs?

I don’t have anything to specifically talk about testing here, but it’s about we, who are not ready to face lots of things and make decisions more speculative which will give us either a decent or worthless output.

For me, as a tester, I believe testing in real life is how you tackle and make decision on situations. I have experienced change in me taking wise decisions then I was before. You will never know what will happen, while you don’t expect anything to happen! I have seen lots of people panicking at situations which will make them suffer not only for them, even for other are dependent on them.

My dad, who is suffering from renal failure, which is the kidney and the functions being affected by lots of things and we never knew this initially. We never investigated, we ASSUMED that he had some problem with lungs and happening because of cold climate which consider to be COUGH.

  • Mistake here, we never investigated and made assumptions. Which was giving him a temporary relief but he still suffered

He was admitted occasionally admitted for the same problem. which we didn’t realize or it’s even doctors who didn’t tell us about his kidney failure.

  • We refused to question here!! QUESTIONING

When this continued for a long time, he went to a critical situation where his part of lungs was filled with liquids and acids which led him to breathing disorders and other renal problems. This was not diagnosed even after as we didn’t ask my dad about what’s happening to him and we considered this very lightly and he was just given medicines.

  • Understanding others feeling and gathering information
  • Refused to ask for suggestions from our neighbours and doctors

The days passes, and one bad day, he lost his memory (Anemia) which we never understood of what would happen because of kidney disorders. He was taken to hospital and performed lots of blood tests, xrays and scanning. This is the hospital we found some interesting thing that he had lost 90%  of his kidney functionality. Doctors literally pointed out about the prevention. This made me think about the doctors and the investigations that I should have done before!

I realised all the other local doctors were fooling around by not telling the real problem of my dad. They took advantage of my dad to just earn money in least cases. Now I was more curious to learn, investigate more about my dad’s problem and the steps I have to take.

  • I questioned a lot after my dad was admitted in ICU. Which gave me a small picture of what had happened, what would have and what has to be done!
  • Patience, I started moving very slowly so that people don’t urge me to take decisions. This helped me to understand about my dad’s renal problem and planned to make decisions
  • I never kept quiet after that, I spoke a lot about this, studied lot about this to see what can be done to my dad to recover from his problem
  • it’s about having confident and courage to face situations

He underwent DIALYSIS which is one of the thing that we can do to this problem. Those 4-5 days where my dad was admitted to hospital was one of my memorable days, I learned, I questioned and then took a decision.

We are not born with some great skills with us, It’s us, who have take example or look back our work to learn. There are things that are related to your real life with what you are working on, which will help you learn knowingly or unknowingly!

by the way, my dad is doing good now and has recovered really soon. It’s just that I have to continue to have courage and take care of things. Hope you all do the same and follow your heart! 🙂