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I have been experiencing lots of positive thoughts around me while I also create so. People have been asking me lots of questions which many of them have already spoke about it. And I believe the only reason they are unable to understand is because, they are not doing the way they wanted to. The moment we start encouraging people to put their own thoughts and start to help them improvise on that is the only way to align the goal.

Here is something interesting that I found when I was studying about CDT (Context Driven Testing).

I used “BING” search for the only reason that I was using Internet explorer and my default search engine was Bing. I tried the same phrase (Define Context) on various search engines, like Google, Ask etc.

I observed something interesting that no other search engine game me this result.

Bing Search Result for "Define context"

Bing Search Result for “Define context”

I am not trying to compare or test which one of the engine gives me a good result. I found something that I was looking for!

  • Structure
  • Framework
  • Context
  • Scheme
  • System
  • Plan
  • More

Right, now relate it to your work.




Context Synonyms itself defines the process. This is not the only process, this is also the way we can look and relate. Now that I found this result and I solved few questions of mine. I just wanted to share it with my readers.

Help Testers to learn about “How” and not “Here is how”.



Let’s think Non-Tester!

The below mentioned is not aligned in a specific manner. But just enjoy them.

strategy – Systematic plan of action
Plan – Steps to accomplish the goal
design – Arrangement and flow art
Credibility – Being believable and trustworthy
Bug – Term of any insect that crawls or creep
Defect – imperfect or unfinished object or machine
Triage – Arranging things according to importance or urgency
Exploration – Discovery or intention to serve
Context – The set of circumstances in and around the situation
Testing – Act of determining something to see how it works
Case – Occurrence of something
Boundary – Possible measurable limit of something
Analysis – Investigation of one part or whole of their activities to relate
Charter – Document specifying the rights, certificates and information of the services or product
Coverage – To an extent with which something is covered
Accountability – Responsibility for some activity or taking
Approach – Move towards
Session – Time assigned to a specific activity
Management – Act of taking charge of something (Positive way)
Quality – The important differentiating factor of something
Risk – Chance of getting damaged
Software – Computer language connecting humans with computer
Impact – Influencing factor or effect over something
priority – Understanding the importance or urgency
severity – Degree of pain
Transition – Act of changing from one phase to other
Sanity – Power of basics
System – Instrument that combines various inputs from sources
Computer – Artificial intelligence based on human thought
Hardware – An physical object considered a tool
Anticipate – prediction or likely happenings
practice – Learn by repeating
Techniques – Art applied to a particular task
Skills – Power to learn by taking help from various forms
Observation – Recording something into the mind, creating impression
Principles – Truth or law standards accepted widely
Artifact – Something you and I made
Equivalent – Being fundamentally equal to something
Case study – Study of attempts to determine the success and failure
Complexity – Too many components talking each other
Scope – The area in which the situation exists
Objective – The goal to be achieved
Assumption – The statement of not really truth
Pass – Went through
fail – Short of expectation
success – When the intended purpose is achieved
failure – Lack of success
Examine – Investigate to conclude its true
Oracle – Something that divines the future
Technology – The current world
Purpose – what is it used for
You – Addressing someone
others – people who are not specific
me – Look at the mirror
Design – Sketch representing something thats trying to solve the purpose
Scenario – Story of events
Idea – A personal view
Business – Act of providing goods and services

We always squeeze our head on different terminologies from experts but I wanted to share my thought on how things are really simple to understand and can be taken forward to share the complicated stuffs. That is it!


“Test” Crash Investigation

Hello Readers,

I would like to share few of my moments that I thought has a huge connection between the way we are and the way we are supposed to be. I have been watching Air crash investigation since the age of 11, no matter I understood or what. But it has always been interesting for me to watch every episode of it.


Investigation seemed “Testing after” the risk arrival for me


The investigation that takes place after every complex incidents has been vital and crucial clue for every accidents that could happen as a chain reaction. Ever since the “Bug” is found and reported has helped to evolve every part of aviation, clearly a new dimension of testing for every risk that takes place.

For Air crash investigation, every part of the plane and every clue could help them understand the whole of the problem and could solve / change the architecture. The investigators have been articulating every moment, coming up with great ideas, emulate the process of the accident. This gained more attention to me, exactly, every part of it is crucial and even a slight change would end up in severe loss of life.

While computers play majority role of aviation. It is split into 2 different errors that could generally happen. “HUMAN (Pilot) ERROR” and “SYSTEM ERROR” and the same with everything in this world.

We have been testing softwares that is being used by millions and has huge impact over the peoples emotion, business, market etc. While we have everything under our control before it impacts 100 whereas, it’s not the same with aircraft. The simultaneous decision making and different levels of plan help the pilots to enter the safe zone.

It’s no different from 100 people death

  • Recover black box (Flight data recorder)

Our backbox is nothing but our test design. While our product is live and observe a high severity bug. Our black box  should help us determine where exactly our data has been misplaced, the missing piece of our design may have caused this bug, we recover them and crack the puzzle of fixing them.

  • Proofs & witnesses

Well, sometimes we testers convey a bug to the developers / the team and not really document them. There has to be some proof with few acceptance from the opposite party in order to be really precise and may help finding the clue of happenings.

  • Join the pieces

While the investigators tried to put the whole of the plane to understand the cause. We would want to join the pieces of information and to determine and help our business understand the severity, while we do that we also clear up the priorities by eliminating the unrequired factors. This is the approach that every investigator would take to solve the problem.

  • Specialization

As there are more than a factor and fields that would need investigation, for example: “Bird strike” on On September 22, 1995 boeing hit by bird lost both of it’s engine and lead to a huge disaster while there were 50+ accidents happened in the name of bird strike, this one was unique. It was hit by a lightweight goose with the difference in the structure of it’s bone caused this incident. This particular scenario needed different level of expertise, Biology. Finding the right expertise at the right time could distinguish the matter of time, plan and the accidents.

  • Take off and landing

While most of the flying is taken care by the aeroplane itself, it always needs human effort on landing and takeoff. The value that human defines is critical, no matter what! Humans are blamed finally and not the system. Even when the system is blamed and is being designed by human. We define the system and not allow machines to overwrite.

1st aircraft designed by Air france which was designed to overwrite human inputs. This took away 30+ lives On 26 June 1988. However, this particular went through lots of crisis and political matters the fact that the overwriteand the delay in flights reaction led to this incident. You could watch the episode here.

  • Team and reporting

Investigators have an habit of dividing the task specific to specific person as they could get the coverage & to near the solution with given and estimated time. This gives them a whole lot of power to explore the deepest and widest. Clearly the best way to tackle the problems. Our team and tasks decides the coverage and depth of our investigation towards solving our customers problem.

  • Reporting and conclusion

After months of investigation, the final report from different sources with great insight and highlight of the problem that was found in the aircraft which is responsible for the problem has to be really precise and impact over different organization, methods, design and practices with compared to the existing ones.

Everything should change over the period of time

  • Recognition and penalty

Investigators are often punished for the reaction in which the problem was handled, unexpected and inevitable. While the opposite of it has to be praised to which the story of theirs become lessons to others.

I am always interested in Air-crash investigation and I would want to do it one day (Soon or then). However, I am already an investigator helping my customers understand the risks and various influential factor. I have been practicing by picking up a crash / accident, come up with scenarios / stories / tools / possibilities etc and this had helped me improve in several areas.

Thank you for reading this post. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Have a great day!



Hello all,

I am very busy these days helping one of the product which is going to be the “Future”. It’s been quite very busy that I didn’t tweet from a while since. I felt I could make a practice of sharing experience now and then! I would also see how this posts going to help me and others to learn.

This is going to be a quick simple post of my experience:

If you are a tester,

  1. Be smart, don’t waste time discussing (Understand the impact and importance of the time / bug that was reported)
  2. Want to test the time taken to download or install a particular app?? – Don’t jump (This remembers me of signal). STOP > WAIT > PROCEED (If you have a bike that gives 2 km / ltr, switch of till you see the green light
  3. Keep yourself updates with the team – Tell everyone in your team that you are going for a movie
  4. Team : You are responsible too
  5. Help team mates by suggesting them politely. (Share your ideas, some of them are very selfish and they are not very far behind to understand this) 🙂
  6. Make note : Write each and everything you do
  7. Be yourself

This may be some of the pointers that every expert would tell. but how often we travel on this path? You don’t have to follow the above mentioned pointers, but question yourself on what kind of path that you would want to travel. I have promised myself that I would have my path and continue on the same!

Try it 🙂

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.

With Julian Harty :: Day 1

It was a wonderful day with Julian harty. Loved his simple way of demonstrating things with real examples. There was no presentation as such, but we never felt or realized for a minute about having a presentation. we were absolutely fine with the way he structured the  topics and explanation.

Going ahead, he had inspired me in many ways, TODAY. Firstly, I have never seen a mobile tester carrying different kinds of mobile with him and experimenting always. The notepad and his pen, wow! Wonderful, it’s the technology he is filled with. And now I am now curious to use those kind of pen. 🙂

He started with a wonderful example, “I had been to a mall yesterday, and observed people grouping up in a mobile store. There was posters of samsung galaxy S4 and HTC”. Relating this to evaluate the devices that has to be considered seriously for testing an app or the Mobile web. Wow, isn’t that good! we always go to a mall, just to have fun and there are information’s that are flying across. We might have to wait and think for a while to understand why and for what is this happening!

He helped us providing some important tricks :

In Order to test a mobile web applications :

  • To understand, the technology used behind the mobile web

  • So, considering the mobile web seriously from business perspective (ie : why is that the organization focused more towards their mobile web why not mobile app?

  • Mapping the common language used by the browser to interact with the website

  • Network connectivity – Never know how the network connection is going to be. (ie : 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi etc)

  • Geolocation – which is now-a-days playing an important role in each and every application to give user an appropriate results and as most of the e-commerce application using the IP address to determine the exact shop and location to provide information for the user MORE PRECISELY

  • Understanding their (Clients) database structure and libraries to analyze and help them to achieve their goal.

We might have to try this, ring.io. Helps to understand the technology used by a website in mobile browser. Similar to WOORANK analysis available to get the technical information of websites

Making use of emulators and simulators :

As there are plenty of manufacturers manufacturing different kinds of devices respective to screen sizes, resolutions, software versions and hardware capabilities. Emulators helps us in such a situation where we might have to test on a particular device with particular hardware capabilities, just create an emulator and boooommm!! you got a unique devices with you! Ya, there are limitations. We can just take help of it and should not rely on it totally.

Mobile Automation using selenium :

Making use of web-kit that’s been already provided by Google and mixing up with eclipse and ADT tools automate mobile websites. We were focusing more towards setting up the environment and understanding it.

Will explore about the tool and would write a follow-up post and by the time I do that, just go ahead and explore the tool. Thanks!