Why don’t we think!

My point of view for this post:



Hello, I am a high-school drop-out, I am working in a company who really need people who wanted to do something in their life.
We have no F***ing idea about what do we really need to achieve in our life.
And on the other side, people don’t care about “achievement” till they have been paid some pocket money and sent to schools or colleges.
There is nothing that connects drop-out with anything in this world. All someone need is to question themselves about “Do we really have to??”
(Add whatever you are doing). In fact, colleges are those who spoils your creativity of being you!
It’s quite amazing that we people are always daunted and they got used to it. Students have been trained on how to score marks, not how to do something that really matters.

Colleges: It’s those lecturer who have been teaching the same old torn book from past 10 years! Is there any changes that’s happening??
If questioned, they are being kicked out of college for the only reason that they spoke against those lame people.

Parents: It’s quite common that our parents are scared of our future just because they had a really bad time in their life growing up.
They believe exactly what lecturer says and they want their children to be the same way of what was being told to them.
If you are really courageous and passionate about what you want to do. I remember 3 idiots film now!

Steve jobs and Zukerberg are one great example of making things happen.
We have trained our brains to always think about negatives of one person and not about who they really are and how they wanted to change the world.
Have your own definition of life and just don’t give a shit about anything. I would say let’s join hands and over come this

Start giving examples of people who have done something great to our country!
We may have to think about our own culture of how people are being treated when something good or bad happened to someone

Despite of all the above conversation, I would rather say, let’s join hands together or let’s f**king show the attitude of who you are and what you really wanted to do!!


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