Hello all,

I am very busy these days helping one of the product which is going to be the “Future”. It’s been quite very busy that I didn’t tweet from a while since. I felt I could make a practice of sharing experience now and then! I would also see how this posts going to help me and others to learn.

This is going to be a quick simple post of my experience:

If you are a tester,

  1. Be smart, don’t waste time discussing (Understand the impact and importance of the time / bug that was reported)
  2. Want to test the time taken to download or install a particular app?? – Don’t jump (This remembers me of signal). STOP > WAIT > PROCEED (If you have a bike that gives 2 km / ltr, switch of till you see the green light
  3. Keep yourself updates with the team – Tell everyone in your team that you are going for a movie
  4. Team : You are responsible too
  5. Help team mates by suggesting them politely. (Share your ideas, some of them are very selfish and they are not very far behind to understand this) 🙂
  6. Make note : Write each and everything you do
  7. Be yourself

This may be some of the pointers that every expert would tell. but how often we travel on this path? You don’t have to follow the above mentioned pointers, but question yourself on what kind of path that you would want to travel. I have promised myself that I would have my path and continue on the same!

Try it 🙂

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.


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