Happy new year!

Woohoo, what a year it was!

2013 was my life changing year for me, as I recall the things that had happened in this year!

There were moments that blew me away with the happy moments and not so happy moments which had helped me learn and grow up for a better me!

All I wanted to convey with this small post is to Thank everyone who has helped me to grow, learn and understand what is it one human wants to do in his/her life and not to forget the blogs, the gadgets, books, conferences, schools, tea shops, beggars, food etc etc,. which has helped me evolve!

This year has been a year which was filled with activities when compared to other ineffective years.

I would like to thank from my heart to – The whole of Moolya, people outside Moolya or nearby Moolya.

I am not too excited, I still have bunch of things to experience, love, hate, learn, teach, help, struggle, write, play, socialize and talk etc,.

And finally, wishing you all a very very Happy new year!


“Life is an adventure! So live it up!”
― L.M. Preston


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