With Julian Harty :: Day 1

It was a wonderful day with Julian harty. Loved his simple way of demonstrating things with real examples. There was no presentation as such, but we never felt or realized for a minute about having a presentation. we were absolutely fine with the way he structured the  topics and explanation.

Going ahead, he had inspired me in many ways, TODAY. Firstly, I have never seen a mobile tester carrying different kinds of mobile with him and experimenting always. The notepad and his pen, wow! Wonderful, it’s the technology he is filled with. And now I am now curious to use those kind of pen. 🙂

He started with a wonderful example, “I had been to a mall yesterday, and observed people grouping up in a mobile store. There was posters of samsung galaxy S4 and HTC”. Relating this to evaluate the devices that has to be considered seriously for testing an app or the Mobile web. Wow, isn’t that good! we always go to a mall, just to have fun and there are information’s that are flying across. We might have to wait and think for a while to understand why and for what is this happening!

He helped us providing some important tricks :

In Order to test a mobile web applications :

  • To understand, the technology used behind the mobile web

  • So, considering the mobile web seriously from business perspective (ie : why is that the organization focused more towards their mobile web why not mobile app?

  • Mapping the common language used by the browser to interact with the website

  • Network connectivity – Never know how the network connection is going to be. (ie : 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi etc)

  • Geolocation – which is now-a-days playing an important role in each and every application to give user an appropriate results and as most of the e-commerce application using the IP address to determine the exact shop and location to provide information for the user MORE PRECISELY

  • Understanding their (Clients) database structure and libraries to analyze and help them to achieve their goal.

We might have to try this, ring.io. Helps to understand the technology used by a website in mobile browser. Similar to WOORANK analysis available to get the technical information of websites

Making use of emulators and simulators :

As there are plenty of manufacturers manufacturing different kinds of devices respective to screen sizes, resolutions, software versions and hardware capabilities. Emulators helps us in such a situation where we might have to test on a particular device with particular hardware capabilities, just create an emulator and boooommm!! you got a unique devices with you! Ya, there are limitations. We can just take help of it and should not rely on it totally.

Mobile Automation using selenium :

Making use of web-kit that’s been already provided by Google and mixing up with eclipse and ADT tools automate mobile websites. We were focusing more towards setting up the environment and understanding it.

Will explore about the tool and would write a follow-up post and by the time I do that, just go ahead and explore the tool. Thanks!


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