Note taking!

Hey people, Hope everyone is ROCKING!

So, lets get to the topic!

How many of you have a habit of note taking? how often you remember to take notepad and a pen with you?

A small incident : I am working in my client location, with developers and more than 1 app testing simultaneously. I have faced situation where the developers I work with, are in some sort of hurry burry and  does not send us any kind of email mentioning about the fixes and information that we needed. This continued for quite a long time. There was another problem happening parallely which we regretted to notice, that we were running out of coverages that we are supposed to showcase it to both our client and our commander. Infact it was one of the most crucial time that we had, as we were unable to answer certain things. They couldn’t believe us as there was no evidence from our end!

I learned from my mistake, and started taking notes even there is no importance to take notes, and those unimportant things are more important on some instances! (I know it’s confusing, read it once again) 🙂

  • Note taking is one of the important skill one Tester should have!

    Ya! you know you want it!

    Ya! you know, you want it!

  • It is a evidence that can help you to argue!
  • Make use of notes and they are more helpful in anyway you want it to be!
  • Note taking doesn’t mean that you have to always carry around a notepad and a pen with you but it does means how quickly you make notes…….. doesn’t matter where you are! there is always some resources available for’s just that it needs some seconds for you to realize!
  • Notes taking will help you to be more creative and improve your thought process
  • It will make you think and change your way of writing and understanding for others!
  • They are interlinked to your mind, it is just the interpretation of your thoughts VISUALLY

Once you get used to taking notes…Start showing maturity by organizing, designing and showcasing it! This changes will automatically be happening in you, if you are consistent in taking notes!

I hope I shouldn’t be telling what should be done further, it’s about using the notes…you make notes and doesn’t make use of it..Oops! there is a serious hole in your career…Get it fixed!

Finally, haah!!! WordPress was about to mail me point me that, “Your wordpress memory is being filled by drafts, please post it ASAP” 😉

See, you got another example 😀


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