Lets gather folks !!

Hey Folks,

I have been wondering how to use my valuable weekends, this is what I could think off. I am gonna act like facebook (Stay connected always). There are lots of interesting people, conferences, workshops happening out there. One of the awesome way to gain knowledge. I have no idea how to share this, as I have very few contacts and I am still not visible to the superior nature out there 😉 I think this blog post can help me reach some awesome people and it has the ability to reach good limits.

Please read this pointers :

  • Very importantly – No pointers 😀
  • Ready to learn and listen anything, there is no specific topic
  • I am ready to take some hands-on Mobile testing sessions at your place, but please do inform me in advance
  • I like challenges, so please do inform me if you have any!
  • If you are a developer, I can help you and I really understand you folks 🙂
  • Mindmapping magic
  • Anybody can teach me anything (Testing, Business, marketing and I do appreciate if you can teach me maths)
  • As I am very afraid of traffic police in bangalore, so limited roaming
  • And very importantly I am on diet for “some days” 😉 I can catch up in some coffee shops, malls and even terrace
  • I am really new to this, so this post will get updated frequently according to my experience. Don’t get offended or something
  • yay…!! Sports, can add me if  you need some company. I play cricket, TT, tennis, football and ready to learn any!! 🙂

Folks, I am really a cool dude, not really too cool but wanted to. So, lets jump in, learn, explore. I am READY, how about you.?

And By the way, please do share this with as many people as possible. Because there are cool dude’s who have the same feeling and not really visible to the public.

Any queries, feedback or requests.
Mail : abilash.n.hari@gmail.com
Twitter : @abilashnhari

Thanks. 🙂


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