Ignition V2..!!!

Hello People, I am back in a wink…So let’s continue the topic and by the way I received some comments about the V1 asking… Why is it so “simple” ? The answer is I don’t want make it so formal. Understanding and reading experience would be much more better if it is “simple” 😉

Alright, so I think you would have initiated the process in finding what you are good at and what do you want to do by now. So don’t lose hope if you have not found yet..!! it takes a while for some people to realize (The same happened to me).

Now starting of with Testing..!! So what is testing ?? ummmmm..!! there are lot’s of  definition for one question (Source : websites, Google etc. etc) but what they taught me is “Testing is questioning” which is absolutely correct. So, I asked how..?? (when I got the answer from them) then in-reply I was asked : so, tell me what is your reaction…when the app was given to you???? (I am Mobile app tester) and in turn I asked them a list of questions :

  • Can I get PRD? (Product related documents)
  • When are they planning to release the app? What are the fixes and improvements, if they have released?
  • What is the requirement ? (Users or business)
  • Which platform are they going to focus on ? (Android, iOS or windows etc.)

“Heyy..!! wait so you are doing it”was their reply…(Light bulb) they got me right…I was questioning them and ya..!! that’s important.

Ya..!! we are evaluating the product by questioning. So how does this work??

The above scenario is the simple example to prove it, but it’s better you “Find out your own definition”. Our mentor can just give us a HINT, but it again comes back to, find, learn and work on your own ishtyle.

Evolution of testing in me!!

The day I started testing was really awesome. I was assigned with “I Am A Bug!” and I loved it. The way and the presentation inspired me ..!! wow.!! inspiration on first day in the world of testing and I do browse that website once in a month now as well.I understood the feelings, characters, genders, religion and different characteristics of bugs which is why I test!!

The start….

I started testing a product which is very popular in India and is massively used and hence my scope into testing this had to be much bigger and wider. So I had to plan, prioritize, design, explore, research, investigate and do all kinds of analysis.

There are different ways of doing each and every word that’s been highlighted in the last line. I will have to explain it very briefly.

The characters which are termed as They, He, Them will be introduced in future. 🙂

So, see you  soon..!!



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