Hey people, cool that I started writing my drafted posts. 😉 oh rite..!! serious now ..(Oh..!! god that’s seriously not possible with me) ok ya..!! So I am taking myself as an example for this post.

Initially, when I was taught how to start “Testing” or “Exploring” a product. I was totally out of track as I didn’t know where to start of and how would I continue further. ufff…I was finally “Taught” a solution …Thanks for Dhanasekar who actually made me realize that we need patience and passion. ok.!! anyhow he can show me only the path it’s my journey and I have to continue with my own ideas and skills and it’s my job to find out my unique ishtyle of “Designing” and “Execution”. So, did I find out..?

The answer is no…!! but yes..!! I actually found that I can find my own ishtyle..!! isn’t it cool..!! it’s not that easy to figure out..But I am still in progress of finding lots of things that’s hidden inside me.. 🙂

So what is my conclusion : Hmmmm,.!! I am just sharing (Someone else gave me) that “when you don’t know where you are heading to then, you will not reach your destination”. Destination is the first thing that we have to find out…Work backwards…

Firstly, I am not that experienced to tell all these things which does not look good..ahaaaa but it’s good time that I understood things so early and eagerly waiting to achieve and do great stuffs. So the same for whoever reads this post and All the best.

My colleagues call me “Android boy” know why…?? do you think I use an android phone..noooo..!! It’s b’coz I chose and I should know in and out of it to become one of the best “Android Tester”, which is my destiny.

How did I choose.?

Basically, I am a mobile geek.!! So I chose “mobile” as my basic profession and I pinned it, I thought I would work only on mobiles and it may be any sector (Marketing, Business, development etc)  but fortunately I came into “Testing” which is indeed was very interesting and “future”. wow..!! you know how it is..?? it’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE….!! so do you think I am done with it..!! Nooooo there are lots of things that we have to figure out in our journey and I am doing it …I would continue this post naming this as a version : 1 which I felt is a good idea..So now..!! tell me what are you going to do now….wander or find u r path..??? and future versions will be more about Testing .. 🙂


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