Coming back..!!

Hi folks, hope everything is going great..!! I have been busy with my work and stuffs. Had a very good time all these days attending conferences, Testing events and etc… At the same time met lots of people ….Testers, Entrepreneurs and other business people. I couldn’t publish posts as it was all drafted ;). being frank, coming out of ideas at EOD, making note of it and probably start a post but will not be able to finish it. So it doesn’t mean that I am free now. 🙂 But will try to make time (Time management) and admit myself into blogging. This is just a note that I am “BACK”

Hey guys I got a new name – “The Hagen” being inspired by The movie – GLADIATORS. Hagen who joined with Maximus and Juba.

Note : The name will change periodically.


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