My experience on Automation..

I have seen people who are really expert in Automation. The day I started automation was really pathetic as I was really not aware of..!! To start with I am one in thousands who is “Not really good” in automation. The project that I had started was really complicated as it was just rendering the web page and the categories in that would change each and every day and app update twice a day. so script updates everyday..!! come on !! that’s buggy. But then my colleague took over my position of “Automation”. He started his testing by writing automation script. I thought I would continue my learning on automation which I felt really is comfortable. So by then I continued my Manual testing. wow!! lot’s of things on manual testing which really made us think in very different way. The best part is that when it comes to Mobile testing :: look and feel is the very important thing is what I felt and that’s how it has to be.

Why is that Manual Testing plays an very important role in Mobile App Testing :

Firstly, mobile apps are meant for ease of use which means the work has to be done in very few steps in the small screens. Mindset of people who uses website consistently would love to see some changes in their life 😉  In that case we have to be user in order to understand and feel the app. There are various user for each and every app. which indeed cannot be covered on testing but thinking and writing down user scenarios by taking a list of users and Testing will be pleasure.

People started doing everything starting from taking notes to Bank transactions via Mobile phones. varieties of Mobile OS (iOS, Android, Symbian, Java and Ubuntu OS on the way) in different screen resolutions and screen sizes across Platform.

We as testers have to analyze and find out statically on the devices, OS, screen resolution, Memory, CPU, Screen size, environment and phones that the app has to be tested. As all these be as a part of Manual Testing. Cannot be done in Automation.

I would say Automation can things do faster, But manual Testing can things do smarter.

Myself and my friend had a small discussion on this.

Note : This is just my thought..!!


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