Try alternatives….

Try alternatives


I would like to give a small message, the below mentioned scenario is what I have experienced..!!

There are 2 testers working on a project and they have got a build that has to be tested.

Tester 1 : Installs the app, and opens the app. But app does not open. And reports it.
Report : App does not open the first time.

Tester 2 : App does not open.!! :-0 Ok..!! let me try..
Opens the app for the first time and does not open.
He/she Kills the task, frees the memory, uninstall and re-installs the app, restarts the phone.
App opened and started testing.


Whats the difference between Tester 1 and Tester 2?

Tester 1 concluded the result just by opening the app once even though there is an alternative way. But Tester 2, investigates and finds the problem behind the app not opening.

Tester 2 sends a mail to Developers :
App does not open for the first time, as it consumes lot’s of memory and because of Memory leakage.
I did restart the phone and installed the app again and it started working. Please fix this issue as this is a high priority bug.


I bet the Developer would have got attracted with the report and way of approach of Tester 2. Developer would have not been able to take any decision by the report that was sent by Tester 1. So try alternatives and come to conclusion. Executing different ideas will help testers to understand the process of executing different ideas for different scenarios in different ways.

Thanks for spending time reading this would come out with lots and lots of ideas. Please do help me with your feedback.

I’m constantly asking for alternative views on most things that come to me. 
~~Paul Wolfowitz~~


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