Developers are busy..!!


Have you ever worked with developers? Do you know their blood group? Have you ever spend time with them? Are you in client location?

I have worked with Developers recently and had an awesome time with them. While working with them, I observed that they have lots of work to do – Coding, bug fixing, working closely with business teams to understand requirements amongst other tasks. As a testers, we must be aware of their workload and help them as we get our bugs fixed and help deliver a good quality product

Investigate :

  • It’s better that we first understand the meta-layer behind any bug that we find.
  • It’s OK to reproduce the bug if you find it’s too complicated for you and for others to understand.
  • If the bug is not reproducible, track it (The bug will show up some other day);-)
  • Tools will help you to go deeper into the bug. (Ex : aLog cat, Traffic Monitor, or Mobiles default Task manager)
  • Don’t take bugs carelessly. It could just be the tip of an iceberg.

Solution :

  • Sit with Developers to understand the Feature, the product or the any doubts regarding the app.
  • Evaluate the bug by giving the bug details such as :
  • Logs (If it’s a crash) and I would like to add some more point to this :
  • Ask Developers for what’s the “Tags” that has to be filtered in the log and we can just filter the specific apps tags in the log. (For ex : App name_File extension_Action)
  • Screen shots. (With description edited on the image)
  • Point to the guidelines of particular platform
  • Face to Face meetings for triaging the bugs.

Developers expect more information on each and every bug that we would be reporting. So we as a testers not to take this as a Negative point. It’s our opportunity to learn something. Don’t hesitate to learn things.

I think this post would have at least helped you one or the other way. Help me understand and teach me more and more with your valuable feedback. Would come out with more experience and ideas for understanding Mobile testing in a better way.
You learn something every day if you pay attention. ~Ray LeBlond


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