Rooting and Jail breaking..!!

Hi Folks,

Since being a user and tester of mobile apps, my friends and colleagues have been asking me how to Root an android phone or Jail break an iOS and how does it helps us.? But, once upon a time i wasted my time help others to root android phones, and do experimental things in that. I thought why don’t i learn something which we are actually doing. Let me learn something deep in that and help myself and others.

What is rooting?

I would not tell that as a typical answer given by others, Rooting is a process, where you achieve to get an access your subsystem. Rooting is where you get rights to overcome the limitations set by the hardware and software. Rooting allows you to replace or change the setting which has been restricted. It allows you to access privilege apps and commands which is not available in stock configured mobiles.

Typically they named the same process for iOS as “Jail breaking”.

And it has been confirmed by US government that rooting and Jail breaking is legal:-)

So lets talk about the need and uses of rooting:

You may ask how does rooting helps me to access something which cannot be accessed? But the reality is that even i don’t about that technically:-)

Advantages of rooting (Android):

1. Speed and performance: While rooting allows you to access anything, So you can setup your own environment. To make you understand better, Kernels is the thing which tells the processor what to do, so you are telling the processor to work as your wish. You are buying an mobile which has the processor speed of 1.2Ghz and has been clocked at 700Mhz (Which is set by the manufacturers), So rooting allows you to tell the processor to work at this speed and you can set this even for 1.2Ghz. Which is awesome…!!

2. More and more apps: Apps such as screenshots, Overclocking apps etc. Can be installed and more than 1,00,000 apps available for rooted phones and works perfectly.

3. Customization: Customization is the best part for Android but bit disappointed with iOS and after jail breaking i felt it was best part in iOS. Installing themes, 3rd apps and customized home screens and animations etc etc.

But i haven’t jailbreak-ed any iOS till now. I have been experiencing all these while by videos and reviews given by others. But for android i got my own phone which is the lowest end phone in the market.

How to root?

As i didn’t find any tools better than “Superone click” Which helped me rooting more than 15 phones of Different version. So please do suggest me if anybody could find more than easier than this. So it’s simple..!! But, be careful.

I would explain more and more about this, Please do suggest me so that i can add with this post. But i haven’t jail breaked any iOS yet. But would do it once and explain about that soon.

So thanks for reading about rooting. I would ask everybody who read this can suggest or correct me if anything is wrong. And i would be happy and thankful to you. Happy Rooting;-)


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