About android :)

Hi Guys,

I am a big fan of mobiles but does not matter keeping only the hardware, but there comes an software “ANDROID“. I am lovin’it 😉 So there are information about ANDROID that I am going to give in this post. I am not going to write anything as such like a old style.:)And this is all about basic would go deep and more further, because i need some time guys..!!;-)

We have an awesome tool to understand, brain storm, and design it quickly. And that’s “XMIND”. An awesome tool which I use it for each and everything I do. http://www.xmind.net/download/win/ can use this like to download. I will surely prepare a Mindmap for “Mindmapping” on future post as there is already an expert in Mindmapping Dhanasekar subramanium my guru, can go to this link http://testingideas.wordpress.com/ to know more about him.

About android

Guys!! Please let me know if i have left anything or to add things in this Mindmap about android. My next Mindmap for iOS and more about Android and iOS in deep. Lets use this..!! And thanks DS for letting us know about the Mindmap and taught us about this tool.


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