Explore First !!

Where are we…!!!

We as a people, Are into the technology world. As we know that the technology had improved in such a way that people started posting the picture from anywhere from any gadget. So the technology has driven the whole world and it would be “technology rain” some day. So people are excited about the future things that would help them their work in very easier way.  So we as humans have to change according to the environment. Day to day improvements makes even people more confuse. So if the people wouldn’t change to the “changes” that has been done by the technology would make our work slow and may even get frustrated about what they do. So how can we face this..?? how can we tackle this..??? and is there a way so that it would be easier for us to continue the technology which are improving day by day..!!!

Think, You have ordered a phone, Which is limited edition and you have ordered it online, Think how excited you would be and how eagerly you will be waiting to touch and use the phone, And now you have the phone with you..!!! look at your face 🙂 so having such kind of excitement is very limited. Its not the same excitement when you get the phone and after using it …!! To keep your excitement constant i wish you can follow some of the below mentioned object…!!


The the first thing that we can do is…Follow..!! so people use gadgets and they are busy with their work that they are doing. So people wouldn’t have that much time to interact with the updates that has been done by the technology folks. Everybody might not track the updates. So, interacting with people and some social websites and etc will help you with the updated that has to be made and yes!! its technology it can do automatically. But, you are the one who is instructing it so make sure that it does it by itself..!!


Following and just ignoring does not make any sense, And the next part that we do after keeping track of something is to execute what we have followed. So i might not use your valuable time but this can be done when ever you feel like doing it. Is there any body who use same stuffs for a long time..?? And won’t they get frustrated using the same stuff without change..?? And don’t they prefer changes with their stuffs they use..?? So its not about suggesting the people to forcefully the people to do it..!! Its people who want changes in their stuffs they use daily and it may be anything including the pen that they use…!! So, Use new stuffs, Experience new stuffs and you’ll surely feel the difference…:-)


People may feel difficult to move from one stuff to another better to tell “one generation to another”. Instead saying “i don’t want” it cant be “oh, let me try this”. People now-a-days, Morning at new York and Sydney in the evening. So How could they do it ?? and can they set with the climate, place and the most needful “food” 🙂  ??? So they do ADJUST with everything they do. So even so the technology adjust with the technology and it will adjust with you….!!:-) yes, even i do have one mobile with least configuration. Ya, it does work with me very well and good. I like that a lot and it likes me a lot…:-);-)

So its all about some things that we can do, and enjoy the technology that is actually growing. So, try appending to the awesome and lovely technology. It is not actually costing you to the heap (Actually it does only in case of buying the hardware) but it doesn’t mean that you have to buy an high end model with all the features in it. But then it depends on the capacity, and the purpose.

So this is all about things that i do,  and things i feel and follow.

So please do apologize, And suggest if there is anything that has to be taken out or that could be added for this article, This is my first blog post and i would start and continue writing my blog on testing. This blog is to help understand blogging. So please help me suggesting and help blogging:-)

My next blog post will be on, Things to remember while testing mobile apps and tips. 🙂


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