Things that can be followed as a mobile app tester !!!

Hi everybody!!

Here are the things that has to be kept in mind while testing an mobile app. This article that has been written here is what I have understood and doing till now and further. This made me to get more and more interest towards what has to be done. This ideas would ideally be tuff to execute at the initial stage but understanding anything initially would actually help us do better:)

  • Try a tour of the product to identify everything it does
  • Are fonts and colors and sizes too small?
  • When there is much smaller screen size!!
  • Are there too many steps to click through to get through complicated workflows?
  • Does the end user have to type a lot on the small device? Any shortcuts to decrease physical strain, or improvements to display
  • Types of input – special characters, different languages, etc
  • Find out the schedule of these updates and see how the application reacts when an update occurs.
  • note and log any issues that make you uncomfortable, frustrated, angry, or upset.
  • look for any actions that are confusing.
  • When there is much smaller screen size!!
  • How is this application supposed to be used?
  • What’s the use and purpose for the end users?
  • Is this app useful for the users who does not know about technology or mobiles?
  • What are the goals for users that this app can do?
  • Spend time touring the app
  • Look for widgets and SD card storage
  • Check for advertisement which indeed helps our client to get profit and satisfy them!!
  • Some times app behaviour depends on the hardware and the memory of the device
  • Look for “hyperlink” for mobile numbers, Email’s etc
  • See to the app that it looks attractive
  • User guide or an introduction to the app
  • Comparison with similar app
  • Take ideas of the most downloaded app in app store, play store and etc
  • Why is it downloaded several times?
  • Is there anything special that attracts user?
  • Why do they prefer?
  •  Look for the support on different platforms
  • Faster setup
  • Notification and alert, is it disturbing while on flow
  • Following user reviews and complaints.

And please forgive me if I have copied some of the points ;-). So I wish keeping these things help our testing in better way.
Note : any correction and things that has to be added is appreciated, I would continue my blogging. Please do apologize if I have done any mistakes. I would correct myself  in my future blog’s .


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